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Abacus, the Intercollege Symposium of Department of Computer Science and Engineering is the flagship event conducted by CSEA. Every year, this National tech fest gives technical feast to its audience from different parts of the country. The technical events are formulated in such a way that the students can have their knowledge and technical skills tested and the best ones are rewarded with internship offers. Thereby it helps in improving their confidence and making them figure in what are the technical aspects to mould themselves.

Apart from events, Abacus also presents many workshops on new technologies. This paves the way for the students to get to know more about the budding technologies and innovations. It also motivates them to get their hands on various projects.

Here we are up with the 32nd Edition of Abacus.
Computer Science and Engineering Association(CSEA), the brainchild of Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DCSE) of CEG, India's oldest technical institution, was established with a primary goal to open the doors to the vast field of Computer Science for the students. The moral of CSEA has always been "Learn and Invent".

We at CSEA firmly believe that every student needs to get their basics right in order to create an impact with Computer Science. The CSEA community takes pride in hosting special sessions for students of all years in a bid to make them more competitive and resourceful in the industry. Trending topics in the field of Computer Science are at the core of every CSEA session.

The CSEA community is blessed with motivated students and even more passionate student mentors who take up the initiative of handling the special sessions. It is often said that "Experience is the best Teacher". Hence, we also reach out to our alumni, who are more than ready to share their thoughts and views on how the field of computer science is flourishing in contemporary times.

CSEA has played host to a wide variety of programs as part of our yearly schedule. SYNC our intra college symposium, REACH our state-wide technical outreach program for colleges, SNIPPET our state-wide outreach program for schools and ABACUS - CSEA's Flagship National Level Symposium. Here we are once again in 2019 with ABACUS.